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Setting meaningful hymn texts to modern melodies

Setting the timeless truths of scripture to song

Singing, playing and recording these songs to share with you

I feel music is a way to transport the word of God - the hope, the love, the assurance, down into our souls and our beings – to transform us. But our world is broken. I’m having my own doubts and struggles, a real “WHY, LORD?” time. A good friend has inoperable cancer. Another friend lost his brother to suicide. My busy life is consumed with caring full time for my grown daughter who is developmentally disabled. Many I know, myself included, are just TIRED. Broken and hurting and sometimes questioning.

When troubles and challenges leave me anxious and afraid, I turn to music of faith again and again to anchor me and help me find peace.

I pray the music of Alternate Melody will bring hope to you. ~Keri

“Bringing restoration and healing to bind up our wounds, so that we will know the Lord to always be near.”

Alternate Melody is a 501c(3) corporation and all donations are tax deductible