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Alternate Melody the “ministry” vs Alternate Melody the “band”

Alternate Melody is able to write and record music to help others because of the musicians and singers of our church who offer their time and talents, at no charge, to comprise our band. We lead worship at Church of the Atonement, Silver Spring, MD, just north of Washington, DC.


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I’m Keri Jacobs, the leader and founder of Alternate Melody. I play the piano and write most of the music. Our group has changed as members come and go, but our purpose is to use our musical gifts to glorify our Lord Jesus and share God’s love and hope with others.

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You may ask, "WHY DO YOU NEED DONATIONS WHEN YOUR MUSIC IS FOR SALE?" Many of the songs I write are to encourage others who are struggling in some way. Instead of selling the music, I typically give it away. We also share music, writings, and helpful resources with the groups listed on the "Help and Helping: Resources" page.  

If you feel led to partner in this way, we include the option to donate. Alternate Melody is a 501c(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

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